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6 Nutrient Deficiencies That Cause Anxiety + How To Heal Them

What Are Common Nutrient Deficiencies That Cause Anxiety? Iron Iron is essential for oxygen delivery from the lungs to organs and tissues as well as energy production and thyroid hormone production. All three of these functions massively impact brain function and in addition, iron is needed for the production of dopamine (motivation and reward neurotransmitter) and GABA (calming neurotransmitter). Iron

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How To Heal Digestive Problems That Wreck Your Health + The One Functional Medicine Test Everyone Should Get

“All disease begins in the gut.”– Hippocrates. In this article we will cover: How disease begins in the gut and why. Common digestive symptoms that wreck your health. Health problems caused by gut inflammation, microbiome imbalance, & overlooked digestive infections. The best lab test for gut health and to check for pathogenic bacteria, parasites, fungi/yeast, viruses, and worms. How to

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How To Heal The Real Causes Of Anxiety

First, let’s get this straight – anxiety is not a disease or a personality trait of “flighty” or “immature” people. Although people experiencing anxiety often feel isolated, alone, and even ashamed – you are not alone. Unfortunately anxiety is the most common “psychiatric disorder,” affecting 40 million people in the United States. Let’s change that! Anxiety is a symptom of

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5 Overlooked Causes Of Weight Gain & Difficulty Losing Weight

Most conventional weight loss programs completely overlook the real causes of why people gain weight in the first place and and focus on short term strategies like counting calories, eating less, feeling deprived, and working out harder – which actually sabotage success and make people feel like they failed. Again. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for a smarter approach!

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Why Weight Loss Programs Fail & How To Reset Your Metabolism

Why Do Most Weight Loss Programs Fail? Holistic, healthy, sustainable weight loss is the key to getting the results you want (and keeping them!). But many programs fail because they create more stress on your metabolism instead of working to heal it. Most conventional programs focus on counting calories, eating less, feeling deprived, and working out harder – which is

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The Gut-Brain Connection: How To Heal Mood, Memory, & Digestive Symptoms

Disruption of the gut-brain axis is a common and often overlooked cause of both digestive and brain symptoms. Chronic digestive problems are often caused by poor nutrition, chronic imbalances of the microbiome (healthy gut bugs), and gut infections that send inflammatory signals to the brain. When in distress the brain also sends feedback to the digestive system, creating an inflammatory

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3 Essential Stress Relievers For Autoimmunity

If you’re dealing with autoimmunity or a chronic inflammatory condition, you’ve probably noticed that your symptoms tend to wax and wane and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what makes you feel better or worse. You might have tried to pin down the cause of your inflammatory rollercoaster by investigating foods, supplements, and medications, but had minimal results identifying the

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The Surprising Gut Health Connection To Brain Fog, Extreme Fatigue, and Difficulty Walking

When Carolyn and I began working together she had been to several doctors including multiple trips to the ER and neurologist for extreme muscle weakness, difficulty walking, difficulty thinking, difficulty carrying out day-to-day tasks without exhaustive failure, and fainting spells. Conventional blood chemistry and imaging did not bring her any answers and perplexed the neurologist who said there was nothing

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