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Woman listening to music with headphones to de-stress

9 Ways To Reduce Stress For Better Digestion, Brain Function, & Health

Our autonomic nervous system innervates internal tissues, organs, and glands. It controls the things we do, but don’t think about like heart rate, respiratory rate, and digestion. Even though we don’t think about it, it affects how we think, act, and feel. The autonomic nervous system has two divisions, the sympathetic “fight or flight” mode or the parasympathetic “rest and

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7 Root Cause Remedies For Cold & Flu Care

Winter months are prime time for colds and flus, most likely due to increased sugar from Halloween to New Years, a decrease in sunlight and vitamin D, and increased time indoors exposed to other people who may also be experiencing a transient winter-month decrease in immunity. The conventional approach is to suppress the immune system to control uncomfortable symptoms. From

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The 3 Step Plan To Thyroid Health With Root Cause Medicine

The thyroid is an endocrine (hormone secreting) gland that is located below your Adam’s apple. It is often referred to as the body’s “thermostat,” because thyroid hormones regulate our temperature and the metabolism in every cell of our body – including our heart and brain. Thyroid conditions are most common in women ages 20-60 years old. Hypothyroidism is the most

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Healthy fruits, vegetables and juices

The Step By Step Guide To Your Personalized Nutrition Plan

Finding the right nutrition plan can be frustrating. Many people tell me they are fed up with trying to feed their health correctly and just want someone to tell them exactly what to do. This is why fad diets come and go and often leave people more confused than before. The truth is there is no one-size-fits all diet. But

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The Top 5 Overlooked Causes Of Autoimmunity

What is autoimmune disease? Autoimmune disease is an immune system problem that causes your immune cells (your defense system against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens) to attack the healthy tissues they are supposed to protect. There are over 100 autoimmune diseases. Some you may have heard of are: Ankylosing spondylitis Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Celiac Disease Crohn’s Disease Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (Hypothyroidism)

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Leaky gut diagram

Top 7 Causes Of Leaky Gut & What To Do About It

Intestinal permeability (commonly known as Leaky Gut) is a common root cause that either begins or exacerbates chronic, inflammatory diseases. Many people are unaware that leaky gut is a common cause of extraintestinal (non-digestive) symptoms and do not know that they may benefit from treatment of leaky gut. Leaky gut compromises digestive and immune health. When the tight junctions that

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Tired woman at desk

The 4 Neglected Drivers of Chronic Illnesses

1. Chronic Stress Low energy, waking up tired after a full night’s sleep, and experiencing a decreased ability to cope with stress are signs of chronic stress. Our modern lifestyles are extremely taxing on our hormonal stress response (cortisol) and nervous system. As a result many people suffer from chronic stress without realizing that it is contributing to their health

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Woman holding handful of supplements

What Supplement Do I Take For This?

“What supplement can I take for ________?” This is a question I get a lot. Maybe the problem in question is acid reflux, another digestive disorder, insomnia, or frequent headaches and migraines. The truth is, taking a supplement for a symptom or trying to replace pharmaceuticals with supplements doesn’t work. Supplements are not the answer by themselves. They are great

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Woman with leaky gut

Healing Leaky Gut For Optimal Immune Function & Health

The reason digestion and gut health are so important is because they not only affect these areas of nutrition and health, but they also play a vital role in immunity and preventing inflammation in our cells, organs, and tissues. Poor nutrition, inflammatory foods, infections, and physical or emotional stress can damage digestive functionleading to nutrient deficiencies, malabsorption, and an inflammatory

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