Dr. Sara DeFrancesco


I partner with patients to uncover and heal the underlying causes of IBS, anxiety & depression, hormone imbalances, and autoimmune conditions with personalized holistic health care.

Located in Portland, Oregon. Offering online consultations throughout the United States.

Do you want me to help you heal the root causes of your digestive problems for good AND enjoy deeper sleep, more energy, and a better mood?

Before you apply, let me send you a quick video that shows you how I help my patients feel better in as little as 30 days.

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Currently accepting new patients (Oregon) and long distance clients (United States).
All consultations are virtual.

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Free Anxiety Relief Guide

Free IBS Solution Workbook

Free IBS Solutions Workbook

Work With Me

Get personalized holistic health care and support for chronic illness, mental health, & wellness.

How To Get Relief From Gas, Bloating,
& IBS Symptoms In 21 Days

90-Minute – On-Demand Workshop

Learn how to improve digestion, get better nutrition, identify food sensitivities, and support healthy gut bacteria so you can get lasting relief from gas, bloating, & IBS symptoms.

Anxiety Relief Reset

A 21-day step-by-step program that provides everything you need to break free from anxiety, master stress, and eliminate overwhelm so you can feel calm and confident again.


Anxiety Relief
Quick Start Guide

Learn the 3 essential steps you need to heal your anxiety, including instant anxiety relief strategies and the most effective longterm solutions. Download your FREE guide now.