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Dr. DeFrancesco is a  Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, and expert in mood and brain health who healed her own anxiety and panic attacks.

Dr. DeFrancesco’s mission is to partner with patients to uncover and heal the underlying causes of chronic health concerns, mood imbalance, and mental health challenges so you can feel your best.

Using holistic medicine, functional testing, neuroscience, and mind-body tools Dr. DeFrancesco creates personalized plans unique to your root cause(s) to remove obstacles to healing, correct imbalances, and allow dysfunctional systems to heal.

Speaking Inquires

Dr. DeFrancesco is passionate about educating the public and practitioners about chronic illness, mental health, and wellness.

Speaking topics include:

  • Root Cause Solutions For Anxiety & Depression
  • The Truth About Neuroinflammation & Brain Health
  • The Guts You Need To Heal Your Brain
  • Gut Bugs Talking: The Real Voice Behind Cravings, Mood, & Brain Health
  • Mood Myths: How To Heal Overlooked Causes Of Brain, Mood, & Memory Problems

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