Your Root Cause Solution

The #1 question I get from people who are looking for a root cause solution to their health concerns is:

“What is the best supplement for ______?”

What is the best supplement for…

  • Digestive gas & bloating?
  • Better sleep & energy?
  • Hormones and period problems?
  • Anxiety, depression, and brain fog?

The problem is, it’s usually the wrong question.

The real answers to your health concerns aren’t found in a bottle. They are inside you!

When we dig deep to diagnose the underlying problems that cause your symptoms in the first place (AKA root causes) – that’s where the real magic happens.

But how do you know what to do next? Is your next best step improving your nutrition? Using some supplements? Or working with a holistic doctor? And what does a holistic doctor do?

To answer these questions so you can get super clear on your next best steps to improve your health, I’ve put together a FREE mini course called Your Root Cause Solution.

Your Root Cause Solution begins Tuesday January 12th.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Sara DeFrancesco.

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor, Licensed Acupuncturist, and expert in mood and brain health who healed my own anxiety and panic attacks.

I partner with patients to uncover and heal the underlying causes of chronic health concerns, mood imbalance, and mental health challenges so you can feel your best.

Using holistic medicine, functional testing, neuroscience, and mind-body tools I create personalized plans unique to your root cause(s) to remove obstacles to healing, correct imbalances, and allow dysfunctional systems to heal.

I’ve helped hundreds of patients transform their health and I welcome you to find out how this comprehensive approach to deep healing can do the same for you.

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